With ever growing competition for jobs, people are looking for new ways to cut through the application process to secure an interview.

The number of people applying for jobs by video is growing quickly. To really take advantage of this medium, before it gets too cluttered, you should  make your video resume as soon as possible.

Vault Inc's annual career survey reported that:

"89% of employers revealed that they would watch a video resume if it were submitted to them. Although most employers have not yet used this new technology as an evaluative tool -- only 17% have actually viewed a video resume - the vast majority are receptive to it.

"The primary reason why employers would value video resumes is the ability to assess a candidate's professional presentation and demeanor (52%)."

Jongleur's video resume service is quick, creative and cost effective. We work with candidates and recruitment consultants to tell a career story in under 2 minutes. 

We travel to you and video wherever it suits you. Using Jongleur's portable green screen technology we can place you in front of a variety of backgrounds.

If you're a recruitment consultant we can set up in your office and video a number of people in one day. 

For a small investment Jongleur can work with you to tell the story that will get you the interview.

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