Jongleur Real Estate videos

Adding video to your marketing campaign is a valuable tool for attracting buyers the best price.  

The research in this area is compelling. here are just a few interesting facts:

  • 85% of buyers want to see a video of the property they’re interested in (source: video marketing magazine)

  • Property listings that include video get 4 times more enquiries than those without (source: Australia Real Estate Group)

  • The perceived value of a property is 11% greater when the listing includes video (source: video marketing magazine)

  • Viewers of video will spend 85% more time on a listing than on those without (source: Mist Media)

At Jongleur we have the perfect range of equipment to help attract buyers for properties of any size. And our reasonable charges are lower for smaller properties. Our range of services for Real Estate includes:

  • Videography

  • Stills Photography

  • Aerial photography for stills and video using the Jongleur Drone.

Here's our 90 second promo: