About Jongleur

Peter Helft

Peter Helft

A Jongleur (pronounced zhon-gler) was a medieval storyteller. An entertainer, a juggler.

Jongleur  is the brainchild of Peter Helft.  Peter has juggled varied roles.  He spent more than 10 years as an actor,  then roles including Advertising Director of Fairfax's The Age newspaper, GM of  Staging Connections - Australia’s No 1 staging business and CEO of three printing companies. Having a successful corporate career is one thing, following your passion is another, and now Peter is following his skill and passion – the marriage of creativity and business outcomes. He's achieving it by working behind the camera helping customers tell the stories that engage their audiences. Peter is also an entertaining public speaker.

“I feel like all roads have led me to this. From my days in front of the camera back in London to the events I’ve created for major clients, to working in businesses and creating growth, the key thing for me has always been getting results by captivating an audience and that's done by telling a story.  It’s about how the story is told, and how to make it both visually appealing and with words that have impact. That's what builds connections and success”

Jongleur is based in Melbourne but happy to travel. We're small (with small overheads) and we do everything in-house so you’ll find us affordable and flexible. We love what we do!